Museums to visit when in Malta – an amazing 7,000 years of history!

national museum of archaeology valletta malta

The National Museum of Archaeology, Valletta

Malta is an amazing place to visit. Besides being a lovely island with a warm climate and pretty beaches, it is also extremely culturally rich. The two main islands have indeed a long rough and fascinating past behind them. In more than 7,000 years of history, so many nationalities have tread upon the Maltese islands, influencing the country’s culture and traditions in different ways. 

Malta has always attracted settlers from all around the world, given its strategic position in the middle of the Mediterranean. As a result, Malta and Gozo display an incredible collection in many museums around the two islands. Discovering those old artefacts, proof of Malta’s turbulent past, is just fascinating and definitely worth-a-look. The museums’ buildings are also captivating to visit, as they demonstrate a remarkable architecture, built by the Knights of the Order of St John themselves.

Most of the Maltese museums are located in the capital city, Valletta. Also, a lot of block tickets are available, making visits in different museums easier and allowing you to see much more whilst saving money.

To access an interactive map for further details about the location of museums and historical sites in Malta & Gozo, you can consult Heritage Malta’s website.

Here’s a great Museum, you should not miss when visiting Malta:

  • The National Museum of Archaeology
sleeping lady figurine malta

The Maltese ‘Sleeping Lady’

Located in the beautiful ‘Auberge de Provence‘ on Republic Street, Valletta, The National Museum of Archaeology houses original and spectacular artefacts discovered in Malta’s and Gozo’s megalithic Temples. We can, above all, recognise temples’ complex decorations, many human sculptures such as the famous Maltese ‘Sleeping Lady’, daily prehistoric tools and many more. Some items are therewith 5,000 years BC old!

This visit is a must when coming to Malta, as the islands boast Prehistoric architecture. It is also important to note than the original figurines and other statues are displayed in the museum and not directly in the megalithic Temples to avoid any loss or theft.

Practical Information:

The museum opens daily at 9am and closes at 7pm. The entrance is really affordable: only €5 for adults and discounts are available for students, children and senior citizens. Moreover, the museum is really easy to access by public transport as almost every bus route starts or ends in Valletta. Then, a 5 minutes’ walk will get you to the museum.

If you enjoyed your visit or are planning to go there, you should also think about visiting Gozo’s Museum of Archaeology (in the Palazzo Bondi), with its impressive collection of ancient coins and artefacts of quality exposed.

Gozo’s Museum of Archaeology, Rabat

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