Domvs Romana | Discover the charms of the former Roman culture

domus romana rabat malta

Domvs Romana Museum, Rabat

The Domvs Romana is situated in Rabat, within walking distance of Mdina. Discovered in 1881, the site was erected from Roman villa remains, belonging to a noble family living there during the Roman period. The Museum is really interesting to visit, as the exhibition explains how the Roman Villa operated in former times. This allows visitors to learn a bit more about the daily life of the Roman inhabitants, their habits, what they were using the different rooms of the villa for and much more!

mosaic domus romana rabat malta

Domvs Romana’s 3D Mosaic

The villa’s masterpiece is definitely its mosaics and mosaic pavement in the lower floor of the Museum. This mosaic composition is amongst the finest and best-preserved mosaics in the western Mediterranean. Some of them were made with a particular 3-D effect and offer an amazing illusion of depth. These mosaics, comparable to the ones in Sicily and Pompeii, are definitely worth a look!

The Museum also houses interesting artefacts from the Roman period. These antiquities include statues, toys, decorated bone hair accessories, jewellery, bath accessories and amphorae, together with many architectural elements, that have remained quasi-intact for all these years.

In addition, Muslim tombstones can be found in the front garden of the villa, as the place was used as a cemetery in former times. According to Heritage Malta, past excavations led to the discovery of at least 245 burials!

Practical Information:

Opening Hours: The museum runs from 9am to 5pm, with the last admission at 4.30pm. The Museum is quite small, so it should take about 30 to 40 minutes to visit.

Tickets: Entrance fee is at €6 for adults, €4.50 for students and seniors, €3 for children (from 6 to 11). No entrance fee will be required for children under 6 years old. A multi-site pass is available for this visit, including a tour of the National Museum of Natural History and St. Paul’s Catacombs. You can also purchase the Malta Pass or the Rabat Day Ticket to save money whilst visiting many interesting sites.

Public Transport: To get there, you can take buses 51 and 52 from Valletta or X3 from Bugibba.


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