The Toy Museum in Valletta: Back to your childhood

toy museum valletta malta

Toy Museum, Valletta

The Toy Museum in Republic Street, Valletta, owns an atypical yet fascinating collection of toys coming from everywhere around Europe. The impressive range of items exhibited are a delight for kids and adults alike. Also, the founder of the place created it, strongly thinking that toys have enough power to recapture memory of people’s childhood. A magical – maybe even emotional – place to visit!

toy museum valletta malta

The Museum is quite recent, since it was opened in 1998. Its founder, Vincent Brown, had the idea to create the ‘Toy Museum’ after he visited a similar one in England – a Museum that apparently retained his attention. Spreading over 3 floors, the place displays Maltese as well as international toys from the late 20th century such as dolls, model planes, cars and farm animals, collected over many years by Brown himself.

matchbox cars toy museum valletta malta

Extensive collection of Matchbox cars

Of particular interest are the amazing and large collection of Corgi, Dinky and Matchbox cars. Note that most of the toys, such as the collection of Matchbox cars, are stored behind glasses, to protect an unique and valuable collection. Children thinking about playing or even touching these old toys could then be a bit disappointed. However, the collection worth-a-look… for the pleasure of the eye!

Practical Information:

Opening Times: The Museum is open during the week (closed on Saturdays and Sundays) and starts at 10am to end at 3pm. The place is quite small, thus a visit should take approx. 30 minutes.

Tickets: Besides being fascinating in many different ways, the Museum is also really inexpensive. Adults will pay entrance fees at about €2.33 per person and the access is free for kids!

Public Transport: The Toy Museum is situated in Valletta, making it really easy to access. Many buses end in Valletta every minute, so you shouldn’t have any trouble reaching the capital. Once arrived at the bus stop terminus of Valletta, a few minutes’ walk along the busy Republic Street will take you to the Museum.


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