Pure fun for kids (and parents) at the Bugibba Waterpark

bugibba waterpark malta

Bugibba Waterpark

Inaugurated in June 2012, being therefore quite recent, the Bugibba Waterpark is situated in the North of Malta, at 2 steps from the lovely Bugibba’s waterfront. This is so far, one of the best attractions to keep your kids entertained. They will greatly appreciate the refreshing atmosphere and the large selection of splashing games that the park offers, as well as the social interaction with – surely, future friends. What’s left for you? An amazing setting and the pleasure to see your loved one(s) delighted!

The boat-shaped waterpark was smartly thought to please kids of all ages. Playing areas are divided into zones, intended to kids of different ages: the green section for toddlers up to 80cm, the yellow one for children from 80 to 120cm and the blue area for youngsters between 120 and 160cm. The amusement park also includes fun activities and about 17 features such as amusing splashing games, water loops, umbrellas and sprays, a bucket tower, a palm spring as well as 2 water cannons.

fun games bugibba waterpark malta

Fun splashing games in Bugibba

The Bugibba Waterpark is not huge but can still welcome 50 children in a row. Kids are admitted in the area for a period of 20 minutes during the busy hours of the day to avoid overcrowding. Then, they’ll have to get out the game field to leave the place to others. However, children can simply wait a few minutes to enjoy the attraction again, till they get bored. Adults are not allowed within the playing area, but benches are available around the water games for parents to supervise their kids while chilling out. You could eventually end up spending long hours there, so don’t forget the sun cream to protect your loved ones!

Besides being family-friendly, the waterpark is also eco-friendly. The water used everyday is treated and recycled to avoid any waste. Water coming from the various features is sanitised as well, making it perfectly safe for kids to play. Bugibba Waterpark also includes many facilities such as a locker rooms and toilets.

Practical Information:

Opening Times: The Bugibba Waterpark is open during the summer, from June to September, as the weather and temperatures in winter are not pleasant enough to allow outdoor animations including water. Activities start at 10am and end at 7pm.

Price: Access to the waterpark is completely free, so no reason not to go as much as you – and your family, want to!

Public Transportation: The splash park is located in the busy holiday resort of Bugibba, making it really easy to access. Moreover, the bus stop ‘Sajf‘ is situated just across the park. Many buses stop there, such as N° 12, 31, 45, X3 and 221 direction Bugibba.


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