The Falconry Centre, a majestic experience – not to be missed!

harris hawk falconry centre siggiewi malta

A Harris Hawk at the Falconry Centre, Siġġiewi

When talking about an exclusive experience, Malta always likes to surprise its visitors. This time, the island offers a major attraction: The Falconry Centre, which is the first and unique bird of prey centre in the archipelago. The park holds a main particularity though, as its aim is to re-introduce the falconry tradition in Malta as well as protect and breed native species, while keeping visitors entertained. An attraction as majestic as its creatures, for family fun and adventure!

barn owl falconry centre malta

A cute Barn Owl

The Falconry Centre is located in Siġġiewi.  This village offers an ideal setting for the park.

Firstly, the owner’s ambition was to restore the famous art of falconry. Back in the 13th century, Maltese birds were indeed really appreciated by European Emperors. Falconry is an ancient art, reserved as a tradition that deserves its place in the modern world.  The Centre also intends to breed captive birdsre-introduce some native species in Malta and is a rehabilitation centre for injured/unwanted birds, trying hard to give them a second home and a loving family.

flying display falconry centre siggiewi malta

Flying display at the Falconry Centre

The park owns a large collection of amazing creatures, with around 40 birds of different species ranging from owls, eagles, vultures together with the Harris Hawks and the famous Maltese Falcon. Many shows are also organised: bird handling and flying sessions,  falconry courses as well as educational sessions. Professional falconers manage every show and provide visitors with complete and valuable information through a very personal service. Birds of prey are highly trained in the Falconry Centre for great entertaining shows and a better – surely safer – interaction with the public.

The place offers a variety of amenities.  A large parking welcomes visitors, a vast ground with benches is very convenient to enjoy a nice picnic lunch with your family or your friends, and in case you forget to bring something to eat or drink the Centre’s cafeteria is there to help out. A lovely souvenir shop can also be found in the cafeteria, allowing guests to purchase small memories of this great experience.

Practical Information:

Opening Times: The Falconry Centre is open from Tuesdays to Sundays (closed on Mondays), from 9am to 12.30pm in summer and till 3pm in winter. Flying displays are organised at 11am and 2pm during the winter and at 11am only in the summer. However, if the weather is too windy, the birds may not fly for safety reasons. So make sure to call the Centre to know if the flying display will run on the day you’re planning your visit.

Price: Entrance fee is at €6 for adults and €3.50 for kids, a very good value for money for a spectacular experience. If you are interested in falconry courses, please find out more on the Malta Falconry Centre’s website. The Centre also organises kid’s parties and team building events.

Public Transportation: To get there by public transport, one can take the bus going on Route 109, the closest bus stop being ‘Saura‘. However, the 109 doesn’t run really often and could be quite hard to get. It would then probably be easier to take the bus Route 62 from Valletta. This bus will drop you in Siġġiewi city centre, which is at 10-15 minutes’ walk from the Centre.


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