Underwater Safari Excursion | still dry, under the sea

underwater safari malta

The Underwater Safari boat

Being an archipelago, Malta boasts an amazing as well as interesting marine wildlife. But in fact, the underwater world is kind of secret and unless you’re a diver or own a submarine, that’s a natural scenery you can’t really approach from very close. Well, Malta thought about it and created the first Underwater Safari excursion in the Mediterranean. Aboard this safari boat, you will explore another facet of the island and discover more about its underwater surroundings. This is the ideal solution to see the Maltese submerged world without getting wet, so grab your camera and jump in!

observation keel underwater safari malta

The observation keel on board

The Underwater Safari boat was purposely built for this matter. It includes an underwater viewing keel with large windows for people to enjoy the best views possible. Colourful fish, impressive jellyfish, occasional octopus, multicoloured seaweeds as well as breath-taking marine sights with caves and rocks, Maltese waters are full of different species you will get to spot. A fish-feeding session is also organised during the trip.

The excursion runs on many sites, known to be the best where you can encounter the Maltese aquatic wildlife. These sites include St. Paul’s Islands and Sliema‘s popular coast. All along the trip, a marine guide will provide passengers with valuable information about the different formations and species seen. This excursion is therefore entertaining but educational as well, and one will learn loads about marine creatures and plants life in Malta.

underwater safari excursion fish malta

Fish you may spot during the Underwater Safari

Practical Information:

Departures: The Safari boat departs from Bugibba, Mondays to Saturdays at 11am, 1pm and 3pm during the peak season of the year (June to September). However, in April, May and October, the excursion runs at the same times but only from Mondays to Fridays. One trip lasts a bit more than 1 hour with at least 20 minutes spent in the observation area.

Price: The Underwater Safari excursion is accessible at a price of €15 per adult and €11 for children.

Public Transportation: Bugibba is a popular sea-side resort located in the north of the island. To go there, you can grab the buses N° 12 or 31 from the Capital City of Valletta, to Bognor Beach. Make sure to take the bus early enough for you to arrive on time at your appointment with the Mediterranean sea!


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