Malta National Aquarium | Walking under sharks has never been that pleasant

national aquarium qawra point st paul's bay malta

Malta National Aquarium, Qawra Point – St. Paul’s Bay

Freshly finished and presently open to the public, the unique National Aquarium of Malta in Qawra Point is another great attraction to add to Malta’s – already well-filled, collection. Massive building that simply can’t stay unnoticed when passing on Qawra’s promenade, the starfish-shaped structure includes, among others, a public aquarium with touch pools as well as a public garden, a diving institute and an already famous beach club, the Café Del Mar. A new attraction to try – ASAP!

fish tank malta national aquarium malta

Themed fish tank at the Aquarium

The Malta National Aquarium houses a total of some 26 tanks with more than 175 different species of underwater creatures such as Mediterranean fish (locally found), rays and octopus. Its distinguishing feature resides in the fact that fish tanks are all finely themed and actually display replicas of ancient artefacts found on seashores around the archipelago. The main tank spreads on an impressive water tunnel and welcomes tropical fish from the Indian Ocean, including stingrays and 2 remarkable species of sharks. Yes… sharks may be darting over your head but don’t worry, the staff will keep you safe. Raise your eyes to the tunnel and just enjoy the moment!

cafe del mar qawra malta national aquarium

Sunset over the infinite pool at Café Del Mar

But beside displaying a modern architecture, as well as an amazing aquatic exhibition, the complex offers much more. As an illustration, the Aquarium houses a diving institute, offering many facilities for local diving schools. It will also serves as a research and conservation centre, notably to protect endangered local species. In addition, class room facilities were thought to provide young visitors with educational information about the importance to care about and protect the fragile marine ecosystem.

On the other hand, the complex offers great tourists amenities. This includes catering facilities, a big parking and kids play area, as well as the ‘Café Del Mar’, the Aquarium’s beach club. In a few weeks, this place became a hot spot in the north of the island. The Café provides visitors with a delicious menu, nice cocktails in an amazing setting, a chill-out atmosphere together with an infinity pool overlooking the Mediterranean sea, the cherry on the cake!

aquarium survey malta national aquarium

Aquarium Survey

Don’t forget to check out the Malta National Aquarium’s website and their Facebook page, where an ‘Aquarium Survey‘ is inquiring which kind of fish the users/future visitors would like to see there. Finally, the Aquarium is certainly fresh, so exhibitions may not be complete yet. However, it is a great encouraging start for the attraction and an already amazing experience.

Practical Information:

Opening Times: The Malta National Aquarium opens from Mondays till Sundays, from 10am to 10pm. Café Del Mar is also daily open from 10am but close at midnight to let you enough time to appreciate the Maltese breeze.

Price: The Aquarium exhibitions are accessible at a price of €12.90 per adult and €6 for kids between 5 and 12 years old. However, some amenities like the kids playground or the public garden are totally free. Entrance fee to the Café Del Mar is at €15 for adults and €10 for kids between 3 and 12 years old.

Public Transportation: Even though the Aquarium offers a massive parking, the complex is also easily accessible by public transport. To go there you can take many buses such as N° 12, 31, 45, 221 and X3. The bus stop ‘Ben is literally just across the National Aquarium.


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