Trekking | Intact sceneries waiting to be explored in Malta

trekking malta

Trekking on Malta’s coast

Trekking (or hiking) in Malta is one of the best options to discover the archipelago. In a peaceful and hassle-free way, you will get the time to appreciate the intact sceneries the Mediterranean has to offer. Thanks to a gentle Mediterranean climate, this adventure activity stays accessible almost all year round and attracts visitors from all over the world. Hiking in Malta is a magical experience. In a either serene, either sporty pace, you will get to explore the islands and discover abandoned farmhouses, prehistoric temples, authentic chapels, hidden caves and much more!

trekking dingli cliffs malta

Lovely trek along the Dingli Cliffs

Among the most popular hiking trails are Ghar Lapsi, Dingli Cliffs, Zurrieq’s coast, Delimara Point together with Clapham Junction in Malta and Mgarr, San Blas Valley, Xlendi, San Lawrenz as well as Marsalforn in Gozo. Also, Comino is a really interesting trek to realise. The island is tiny, therefore only a few hours are needed to see it all. Once you get away from the crowded Blue Lagoon, you’ll find yourself totally isolated in an arid land with nothing but sea on the horizon. Make your way through the bird sanctuary and you’ll may find the only constructions on the isle: St. Mary’s Tower and battery, the Comino Hotel, a tiny chapel, a cemetery, an old bakery, an ancient hospital and a police station. These hot spots all offer magnificent views on the turquoise Mediterranean along with Malta’s green valleys full of aromatic thyme and fennel bushes.

There is an important – and growing – trekking community in Malta, which tries to organise outdoor trekking events. Some of these events include camping, hiking and eating as a group from time to time. It is a very nice way to meet new people and maybe share the same love for discoveries in the Maltese archipelago.

Practical Information:

Availability: Treks are available all year round, however hiking is highly recommended between autumn and spring (approx. from October to May). This way, you will avoid the blistering sun and hot temperatures, that could make the experience unpleasant. Moreover, in this period, wild flowers are blossoming and green carpets appear in many places – all in all, a lovely spectacle.

Price: Trekking is completely free if you choose to go on your own. Though, Malta is a really rugged land, so you will probably need to invest in some good walking shoes to tour its fields. However, if you’d rather be supervised, hiking excursions are organised by many operators around the island. With MC Adventure, a local adventure sports provider, the more you are, the cheaper it is! Prices for half day trekking excursions range then from €70 for 1 person, to €30 for 8 persons or more. Tours include a guide, providing hikers with valuable information about geology, culture and more!


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