Cycling in Malta | Cheap, green & fun!

cycling malta

Cycling in Malta

The Maltese archipelago is a real jewel for land sports enthusiasts. Malta offers a large selection of outdoor activities, since its either green, either rocky vast plains enable numerous adventurous land sports such as cycling. Besides being cheaper and greener than renting a car, bicycles also allow holidaymakers to visit Malta in an authentic way. So come try biking in Malta – great sensations and loads of fun guaranteed, while keeping fit!

Cycling in Malta is the ideal alternative to busy buses and mad traffic, as well as a peaceful and breathtaking way to discover Maltese sceneries. This leisure sport therefore became really popular with tourists these last few years. In addition, some stunning sights on the islands are not accessible by car or bus; cycling could then be the only easy way to access them – even easier with electric bikes.

biking tours gozo malta

Biking tours in Gozo

Appreciated biking spots can be found in the south of Malta and in Gozo. The second main island of the Maltese archipelago offers a more natural environment and its bus network is definitely not as developed as in Malta. Moreover, traffic in Gozo is less busy and makes it then safer for cyclists.

Cycling in Malta enables visitors to freely choose where and when to stop. Pedal on coastal tracks, stop to picnic and jump into waters of a secluded beach or pick a fully arranged tour organised by local operators to show you the best attractions around the islands… the choice is yours.

Practical Information:

Biking in Malta, as everywhere else, requires prudence. Cycles lanes have lately been introduced in the country but yet, half of the roads don’t include any. In addition, Maltese streets in some cities like St. Julian’s or Sliema are very narrow and cross a car or a bus there could be quite dangerous. That’s why cycling is not really recommended in big holiday resorts. Cycling in Malta is all about going on empty countryside roads and unspoilt land, along impressive sea cliffs. However, its rocky and hilly terrain may make rides quite difficult in some part of the island. Also note that for everybody’s safety, cycling helmets are legally required in Malta.

Price: Decent trekking, mountain or electric bikes can be hired in many shops around the island and cycling tours are often organised by many operators. Biking in Malta is really affordable: approx. €10 to hire a bicycle for 1 day, €25 for 3 days and €50 for a week. Electric bikes are usually a bit more expensive: count around €15 for 1 day, €40 for 3 days and €90 for 7 days. Some companies include many features in this price, such as helmets, lights, locks, air pumps or bottles of water. Biking tours are also organised for about €60-70 for a full day.


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