Best of Malta and Gozo Beaches


St.Peter’s Pool in the south of Malta

St. Peter’s Pool is a beautiful natural pool ideal to spend a relaxing day away from the busy tourists spots

St. Peter’s Pool is one of the most beautiful and stunning natural swimming pools in Malta and is located close to Marsaxlokk at the tip of Delimara Point in the southwest of Malta.

The sea at St. Peters Pool is crystal clear with an amazing azure and light green colors and offers excellent snorkelling opportunities. The flat rocks around St Peter’s Pool provide perfect sunbathing areas and the high rocks offer some shade from the strong sun.


Beautiful Golden Sand Beach


Golden Bay is a very popular sandy beach attracting many people for swimming, snorkelling and BBQs

Golden Bay is a beautiful sandy beach set within a cliff face in North West Malta and is the first and most popular sandy beach in Malta together in a chain of beaches together with Ghajn Tuffieha and Gnejna Bay. Golden Bay is located along unspoiled and undeveloped countryside and the sand at Golden Bay is light cream colour with fine clean corns. The blue sea and the cliffs surrounding the bay provide excellent snorkelling. Golden Bay has a large beach, beautiful waters and facilities, making it the second popular beach in Malta after Mellieha Bay.


Comino and the famous Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon, white sand and crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean 

The Blue Lagoon is located in Comino and is like a picture taken out of a postcard with its light blue crystal clear waters and white sandy sea bottom. The uniquely beautiful Blue Lagoon has two small sandy beaches on each sides of the bay, the rest of the bay is surrounded by rock to sunbathe on and jump into the water from.

The Blue Lagoon in Malta is prized for its shallow waters and is a very popular place with tourists and locals alike. Due to the lagoon’s incredible waters, colourful fish and even several caves to explore, snorkelling is the obvious choice here. Only bathers are allowed in the lagoon as it is sealed off to prevent any boats from disturbing the lagoon’s clear water. If you want a place on one of the small sandy beaches, arriving early in the morning is recommended as it gets very busy during the day


Paradise Bay beach ~ Malta


Paradise Bay is one of the most popular beaches in Malta due to its natural environment and clear waters

Paradise Bay is possibly the most attractive beach in Malta; set within a natural cove, which more than justifies the name. Paradise Bay offers beautiful views of the surrounding rugged landscape, over Malta’s sister Islands Gozo and Comino and over the beautiful green-blue Mediterranean Sea. The actual beach is quite small and has a relaxed feel to it. Paradise Bay also offers excellent and beautiful snorkelling once you swim outside the jellyfish nets, which were installed across the bay to protect bathers, making it safer for the allergic bathers on holiday in Malta.

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