Great Escapes to beautiful island Malta – An island to discover


Beautiful view of Riviera Bay


Crystal clear waters of deep blue at Golden Bay beach


The great outdoors for bicycling,, hiking, trekking in the countryside


An attraction over hills at Fomm ir-Rih, Mgarr

Malta and Gozo draw together a richness of archaeological and architectural treasures, in an hospitable climate where the temperature climbs to 35 degress and makes the clear sea the most excellent of baths and water sports a pleasure.  The islands come to life with festivals known as festas which open up Maltese culture to visitors.  Even tourist enclaves have their own festivals every night in pubs and discos.  The people are Malta’s strongest asset.

Mata is characterised by rocky and sandy beaches, and low hills with terraced fields on the slopes.  On the other hand Gozo has a much greener countryside characterised by flat topped hills and cliffs.  We also find various steep valleys and bays.  Sandy beaches are fewer to find in Gozo.

Interested to visit this beautiful island. visit


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