Marsascala – A Maltese Seaside locality

A postcard-pretty harbour of Marsaskala witnessed the last Turkish assault on Malta in 1614.  Although the troops landed they were beaten back while heading inland and the knights built a mighty fort on the nearby headland to deter and future visit.

Today, a  tourist infrastructure is developing quilckly and Marsaskala welcomes visitors with open arms.  The village of Marsaskala has an agreeable setting by the water’s edge with plenty of cafes and good seafood restaruants overlooking the bay and its pastel-coloured boats.  In recent years the nightlife scene has become increasingly popular with vistors and Maltese alike.  Between them, the bars, discos and restaurants complex appeal across the age range.


The Maltese seaside village – Marsaskala

Nearby beach is St. Thomas Bay, 1 km (0.5) miles to the south, has sandy banks and shallow water.  In summer it can seem too busy, but it is easy to escape the crowds by heading south along the coast towards Delimara Point.  The road to St.Thomas from Marsaskala passes Mamo Tower, a 17th-century tower with an teresting cruciform design and just one room with a vaulted roof.

malta luzzus boats

The colourful Marsaxlokk fishing village

For local colour, nothing beats the Marsaxlokk fish market in the South, a pretty village close by to Marsaskala,  Here you’ll find wonderful and exotic but also very edible and tasty fish on display.  An early start is recommended if you want to see the best of the catch.  During the week you will also find other items that are associated with a flea market.  Sundays – fish market only

So if you happen to book a holiday vacation to Malta, the best is in the weekends.

Inspired or interested to visit this beautiful village?  Hereunder are properties located nearby beaches.

Enjoy your vacation in Malta


Best of Malta and Gozo Beaches


St.Peter’s Pool in the south of Malta

St. Peter’s Pool is a beautiful natural pool ideal to spend a relaxing day away from the busy tourists spots

St. Peter’s Pool is one of the most beautiful and stunning natural swimming pools in Malta and is located close to Marsaxlokk at the tip of Delimara Point in the southwest of Malta.

The sea at St. Peters Pool is crystal clear with an amazing azure and light green colors and offers excellent snorkelling opportunities. The flat rocks around St Peter’s Pool provide perfect sunbathing areas and the high rocks offer some shade from the strong sun.

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Cycling in Malta | Cheap, green & fun!

cycling malta

Cycling in Malta

The Maltese archipelago is a real jewel for land sports enthusiasts. Malta offers a large selection of outdoor activities, since its either green, either rocky vast plains enable numerous adventurous land sports such as cycling. Besides being cheaper and greener than renting a car, bicycles also allow holidaymakers to visit Malta in an authentic way. So come try biking in Malta – great sensations and loads of fun guaranteed, while keeping fit!

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Trekking | Intact sceneries waiting to be explored in Malta

trekking malta

Trekking on Malta’s coast

Trekking (or hiking) in Malta is one of the best options to discover the archipelago. In a peaceful and hassle-free way, you will get the time to appreciate the intact sceneries the Mediterranean has to offer. Thanks to a gentle Mediterranean climate, this adventure activity stays accessible almost all year round and attracts visitors from all over the world. Hiking in Malta is a magical experience. In a either serene, either sporty pace, you will get to explore the islands and discover abandoned farmhouses, prehistoric temples, authentic chapels, hidden caves and much more!

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Historical Tour – The Megalithic Temples

megalithic temples hagar qim qrendi malta

Hagar Qim Temples, Qrendi

The Maltese archipelago is so much more than just beautiful beaches and amazing landscapes. Besides all that, the 2 main islands have a very long and interesting historical past.  Both Malta and Gozo boast with amazing prehistoric temples. Proof of its extraordinary past, these sites fascinate people all around the world, as no one knows for sure how and why they were built.

Furthermore, seven of eleven Maltese prehistoric monuments are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and are considered as ‘unique architectural masterpieces‘. Thus, a limit of visitors per day has been set by Heritage Malta to preserve these unique sites. Here are the most popular sites to visit:

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Diving & Snorkelling| Experience Malta’s deep blue

scuba diving malta

Snorkelling in Malta

The most popular water sports in Malta are definitely snorkeling and scuba diving. The archipelago notably owns the best diving spots in the Mediterranean and has been voted the 3rd best diving destination in the world (2009)! In addition, the warm and crystal clear waters of the archipelago, as well as its impressive collection of colourful fish, makes it easy and ideal to snorkel and dive. Continue reading

Sightseeing buses – Hop on-Hop off tours in Malta and Gozo

city sightseeing bus round malta tour

City Sightseeing Bus in Malta

Bus Tours in Malta are an amazing and fun way to discover the island. One will surely enjoy Malta’s lovely sceneries by hopping on these colourful sightseeing English double-decker buses. Most of these trips are Hop On-Hop Off tours, organised both in Malta and Gozo. Continue reading