blue lagoon comino malta

Crystal Blue Waters ~ Welcome to Comino!

This small island is one of the three main Maltese islands making up the archipelago; it is an important tourist attraction, especially for its amazing clear and turquoise waters. However, there are only 4 permanent residents living there: a policeman, a priest and 2 guards. There is also one hotel, called ‘The Comino Hotel‘. So, the island is really quiet, despite being a tourist attraction and kept mostly on the ‘wild-side’. There are no cars, roads or other urban areas on Comino.

Thus, Comino is ideal for pleasant excursions on foot and camping. If you are still wondering what to do in Comino, the island is also really famous for its diving sites with abundant, colourful fish.

  • How to get there?
blue lagoon comino malta

Comino’s Blue Lagoon

Ferries to Comino depart daily from Cirkewwa in Malta. The first ferry from Malta to Comino usually leaves at about 8-8.30 am and the last one comes back from Comino’s Blue Lagoon at 6.15-7 pm during the peak season, for the price of €10 per adult and €5 per child. You can find the timetable for Comino ferries on United Comino Ferries’s Website (departure from Cirkewwa or Marfa) or on Ebsons Cominos Ferries Website (departure from Cirkewwa or Mgarr in Gozo).


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