mgarr harbour gozo malta

Mgarr Harbour, Gozo

Gozo is the second largest island of the Maltese archipelago and the closest one to Sicily. With a population of around 30,000 inhabitants, called Gozitans, the island is still not highly developed and retains a more natural environment. It is a very fascinating place to visit, as it holds one of the oldest megalithic temples in the world: the ‘Ggantija Temple Complex‘.

Gozo is a mystery island too. A myth inspired by the Greek Legend says that the ‘Calypso Cave‘ on Gozo’s coast was the place where the nymph Calypso kept Ulysses for 7 years, according to Homer’s famous Odyssey. Altogether, an unique and stunning place to visit!

  • Gozo’s Weather

Gozo is full of rural charm. It is an authentic, serene and quiet island, perfect for relaxing holidays with its permanent sunny weather, especially during the warmer months of the year (from May to September). The temperatures during the summer can be really high, with an average of 29°, resulting in pretty busy beaches.

However, the temperatures decrease during the winter and can become quite cold. January and February are the coolest months of the year, with temperatures between 10-15° and July and August are the hottest with an average temperature of 30°. Although, temperatures can easily increase to 40° during the high season, and even more! As Gozo has a Mediterranean climate, the summer is hot and dry and the winter is colder and rainy.

  • How to get there?
gozo ferry channel malta

Gozo’s Ferry

If you want to visit this lovely island, you can easily take a ferry from Malta. This boat links the two main islands and usually takes about 25 minutes to get to Gozo. Ferries leave every 45 minutes approximately, so access to the island is regular and simple. The price of the ferry’s ticket is really affordable too at only €5.

You can find all the different fares on the Gozo Channel’s Website, where you will also find the ferry’s timetable and other information you may need to safely plan your travel from Malta to Gozo.

Once you get there, buses will take you everywhere around the island. However, the buses are rare and often delayed as the pace of life is slower in Gozo. That’s why car and bike rentals are really common and allow you to enjoy the beauty of the island more easily. For hassle-free holidays, check our selection of cars rentals here!

azure window gozo malta sunset

Sunset from the Azure Window, Gozo


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