malta marsaxlokk fishing village

Marsaxlokk ~ A typical Maltese fishing village

Situated in south Europe, in the middle of the Mediterranean, between Sicily in the north and Libya in the south, the Maltese archipelago is composed of 3 main islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino.

comino blue lagoon malta

Comino’s Blue Lagoon

Malta is the biggest and most important island: it is the cultural, commercial and administrative center of the archipelago. Gozo is the second largest one and is more rural, living essentially from fishing, hand-crafts and agriculture. Comino, the last but not least, is the smallest island of the Maltese archipelago but probably one of the most visited one. Its crystal ‘Blue Lagoon‘ is a place you cannot miss when visiting Malta. Also, note that the archipelago counts many other islands such as Comminotto and Fifla, which are not inhabited. Moreover, Malta is one of the smallest but most densely populated islands in the world.

The Republic of Malta is a really exciting place to visit. The island has a truly interesting culture and one of the oldest free-standing monuments on Earth. Nowadays, the temples, citadels and churches are all proofs of the past and definitely worth-a-look.

Malta became a big holiday resort too, pleasing tourists from all over the world. Whether families searching for sun or party animals wanting to have fun, millions of tourists are attracted by its warm climate, its permanent sun and crystal blue waters.

Some facts you should know about Malta:

  • Capital: Valletta.
  • Official languages: Maltese and English (business language). A lot of Maltese people also speak Italian, as Italy is really close to the Maltese archipelago.
  • Currency: Euro (EUR – €). Malta is part of the European Union since 2004 and part of the Euro Zone since 2008.
  • Population: Approx. 400 000.
  • Surface: ≈ 320 km².
  • Climate: Mediterranean. The summer is hot, dry and extremely sunny, with an average temperature of 29°. The winter is colder and quite rainy, with an average temperature of 11°.
  • Religion: Mostly Catholicism.
valletta capital city malta

Malta’s Capital City : Valletta


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