Marsascala, an authentic and lovely village

marsascala harbour malta

Marsascala’s colourful Harbour

Marsascala is a small and lovely town found along the south-east coast of Malta.  Being an ancient fishing village, the town has expanded a lot through this industry. Nowadays, Marsascala is an authentic and truly serene city, with a quite active centre during the peak months of the year. It is therefore a location of choice for fine accommodation when coming on holiday in the island. Close to the more popular fishing village of Marsaxlokk, the town is an ideal place to visit, with its picturesque bay and its colourful harbour apart from the numerous bars and restaurants with breath-taking views.

  • What to do in Marsascala
lws animal park petting goats

Petting goats at the LWS Animal Park

In Marsascala, you will find many things to see or do. The LWS Animal Park, for example, really worth-a-look. This park offers visitors the chance to pet and feed several animals such as goats, rabbits, birds, emus, deer, monkeys and more. Located in the Inspire Foundation’s building, which is a non-profit association helping disabled children and adults, the leisure centre also allows guests to enjoy an indoor and outdoor swimming pool. A lot of activities there makes the structure ideal for kids like the outdoor play area and the miniature train. If you book in advance you could go horse-riding or karting as well.

The park is open from Monday to Friday from 8am to 2pm and on Sunday from 9am to 5pm. Entrance fees are at €3 only and entrance is free for children under 3 years.

Marsascala offers plenty of other interesting activities such as cinemas, diving and fishing trips. A large playground for kids can also be found in the city centre. The seafront boasts a lovely promenade and restaurants there are not to be missed, as fish dishes are a delight at very affordable prices. Some sights and monuments such as Marsascala’s white cliffs and St. Thomas Tower also worth a look.

  • St. Thomas Bay
st thomas bay marsascala malta

St. Thomas Bay, Marsascala

Marsascala boasts of the splendid St. Thomas Bay. There, you will mainly find many Maltese people and windsurfers, since it is a great spot to practice this water sport. Marsascala is a popular seaside resort for locals and many of them are used to come during the summer to stay in their summerhouses. The beach is therefore really clean, calm and peaceful, perfect to sunbathe and enjoy the warm weather. The bay is mostly rocky but has the particularity of having a tiny sandy beach at its centre. Marsascala’s bay also offers a really nice panorama, with many Luzzus – the colourful traditional Maltese boats with their strange eyes.

marsascala white cliff malta

Marsascala’s white cliffs


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